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6 Perks of Working With a Consolidated Entertainment Provider

One of the most common traits in today’s business world is functional consolidation. Companies like Google, Amazon, and others cover such a broad range of services that it can seem nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly what their primary function is, and those are only some of the largest examples. Yet the entertainment world has not yet fully entered this phase; platforms exist with the aim of connecting clients to a wide swath of groups and entertainers, but these still function more as networking hubs rather than managing entities. For many years the entertainment industry functioned largely via managers who could offer a collection of talent to their clientele, yet this has not widely shifted to the online world. While the business world grows into larger and more centralized entities, at Gigroster we’ve pinpointed 6 of what we see as the biggest advantages we offer to companies who’ve worked with us over the years, and continue to request our services every day.

1. Deals on Repeat Bookings
Bulk discounts are far from a novel concept, so why not have it apply to entertainment services? A number of entertainment networking businesses can connect clients with countless musicians, but service fees stay the same from booking to booking with no deals possible. Compare that to working with a single agent who can connect a client to all the entertainers needed for an entire year’s schedule, and by bundling, charge a smaller service fee due to the saved work on their end. As another example, Santa Claus bookings make use of this rule to save companies thousands of dollars, connecting a large company with as many Santa performers as needed for a holiday season with a cost that is a fraction of what it would be if each performer had been contacted individually. There is no reason why this can’t be applied to other sectors of a company’s entertainment needs, saving them both time and money.

2. An Entertainment Provider Can Deal With Performer Issues
Companies maintain HR and PR departments for a reason, and given the very human nature of entertainment and performance the exact same reasoning applies. Any number of issues may need to be handled before a performance, and a designated entertainment professional can anticipate the specific needs of any given performance and make sure it is handled in advance. Business needs and musician needs often do not inhabit the same arena of thought, and having one individual to connect the two worlds can make all the difference between a successful event and a disaster caused by poor communication or misunderstanding of what may be possible.

3. Handling Legal Contracting Uniformly
When it comes to larger businesses, uniformity and process repetition are the keys to a company’s functional fluidity and efficiency. Though a few online entertainment networking sites offer their own contract forms, most often they are far below the standards of professional companies, being much more oriented towards non-business needs. Companies and entertainers must then create their own hybridized contracts, often using wording and liabilities that the other entity is not familiar with and can be potentially problematic. Work out a proper contract, and that still only solves the issue for the given group and performance without helping on future events. We here at Gigroster have successfully navigated this issue, developing an understanding with each corporate client we deal with and carrying that knowledge into all future business dealings no matter what performance is being requested. There is rarely ever good reason for re-inventing the wheel when working with large, often slow moving businesses, and using this methodology has helped to save our clients massive amounts of time, money, and headache.

4. Access to Insurance and Other Coverage
Most performers and groups do not take on the substantial cost of obtaining insurance coverage for their performances. As most occasions are with middle to low end clients it would be an expense which could not be justified. The needs of a large corporate entity, however, are very different from those of a local wedding planner. This acts as yet another frustrating discrepancy of needs and expectations between businesses and performers. Whereas individual performance groups and individuals may not have access to insurance coverage, a larger entertainment provider can offer this resources which would be otherwise unavailable. Again, via repeat business, this service can be easily extended to the client company without the hassle of conveying the specific needs of coverage every time.

5. Developing Relationships with Success-Proven Representatives
An oft overlooked dynamic still relevant in the modern business world, yet so obvious to seasoned businesspeople, is that of lasting human relationships. Above all else, the flower of our work here at Gigroster are the relationships that we have been able to develop between our representative agents and their clients, many of which have lasted for years. Beyond the paperwork, contracts, and other details, nothing is more reassuring for a client than being able to call up their trusted entertainment provider. They can explain what is needed for a given event, and know that they will be given exactly the right performer for the event. The personal relationship with someone who has proven themselves as a tried and true partner in entertainment time and time again cannot be overestimated.

6. Time and Money Saved
Behind all of these concepts is really one true factor - saving time, money, and effort for a corporate client who simply has other needs than spending hours searching for reliable entertainment providers. One of the hidden downsides to the 21st century’s availability of masses of information is that even though finding what may be needed now is easier, sifting through all of the available options simply takes time. Consolidate the entertainment options into an online hub, and that still leaves the work of discerning, contacting, price-checking, and other details needed of the many options found before a final successful end result is hopefully found. Allegorically, even if one knows how to fix a faulty car part it sometimes is simply more time and cost effective to go to a mechanic and let a trusted professional do the work for you. In this same way, a consolidated entertainment provider can act as a simple entity to handle all of the specific needs for a company’s events, parties, and celebrations. Countless details are automatically handled that could otherwise end up costing a company exponentially more with a lower quality of outcome. Just as your business’ customers trust your company to handle their needs, knowing when to let another professional handle your entertainment needs will most always end up working towards your business’ benefit.

Riley Kennedy-Keys

Riley Kennedy-Keys

As an active musician in the Seattle area, Riley maintains an in-depth insight into the workings of the local music scene, as well as the ins and outs of what it means to work in the music industry.

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6 Perks of Working With a Consolidated Entertainment Provider
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