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GigRoster™ Is Coming To Hawaii!

Anyone who has visited the Hawaiian Islands knows it has a beauty all its own. It is a land lush, with natural beauty and the spirit of Aloha is reflected by the warm hospitality of the people throughout the islands. Part of the wonder of Hawaii is also the art and, especially, the music that can be found everywhere.

Music and entertainment in Hawaii is such a big part of the culture from the busiest tourist destinations like Honolulu, Waikiki and Lahaina to the smallest villages and events throughout all of the islands. GigRoster™ supports live talent wherever we are and Hawaii is no exception. That's why we’ve made the decision to offer our services to musicians, performers and entertainers all over the 50th state with a priority on helping our corporate and private clients find and book the right talent from a roster of high quality, curated acts that perform professionally.

This included not only traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian acts but musicians, variety entertainers and bands of all genres. Hawaiian performers are as diverse as the islands themselves. In fact, some of the best musicians in the USA have come out of Hawaii such as Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole, who was more often known as “Iz”, of course the great Don Ho, Hawaii’s ambassador of Aloha to the world and you surely can't forget current stars such at the amazing Virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro who travels the world to sold out concert venues.

Hiring Entertainment Of Any Kind Is Easy

For over 35 years GigRoster™ has been supporting local artists with resources and bookings for all sorts of events from weddings to concerts to corporate events. Really any kind of performance where someone needs to hire quality music or talent. Now, our customers can hire a band in Hawaii, book talent in Honolulu or even find a regular Hawaiian talent agent to work with to help plan an event. Customers who want to hire any kind of talent can visit the GigRoster™ web interface where it is so easy to select any kind of entertainment to hire.

Our Local Talent Coordinators Are The Key

Just as in all of our offices across the USA, the GigRoster™ Hawaii will be working through our Local Talent Coordinators. Folks who live in the islands, who have a solid knowledge in the market, the customers, the facilities and the special considerations for any kind of performance. All of our Talent Coordinators come from a background such as a working professional performer or musician, so it's a natural step to work as a liaison between customers who want to hire a band and the entertainers who are looking for quality gigs. If you are qualified and interested in finding out more about being a Licensed GigRoster™ Talent Coordinator, just check out the careers page on the GigRoster™ Web Site.

Any Performer Can Have A Free Premium Listing

Entertainers, musicians, bands, DJs and performers of all styles are always offered a free premium listing with GigRoster™ for those who would like to be hired for gigs. There is never a charge for any entertainer listing to be available. At GigRoster™, that saying, is, "The only time it will cost you is if you DON'T have a listing on the GigRoster™ interface." The dynamic that results is that GigRoster™ and our amazing performers are partners in success when they are booked for clients who will enjoy their music or talent. Any performer can get started with free Listing on the performer registration page GigRoster.com.

We are excited as we expand into the Hawaiian Islands and we are excited seeing all the wonderful events we are already coordinating along with the great performers and customers we partner with in putting the events together!

Darrell Wagner

Darrell Wagner

Darrell Wagner, founder of Professional Entertainment's GigRoster.com. Working as a professional musician it was natural to grow the service into one of the top Talent Buying services in the USA.

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GigRoster™ Is Coming To Hawaii!
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